If your question is not answered below then feel free to contact us and we will answer your query.

1. What period does the annual subscription cover?
The subscription starts from when you join and is renewed on an annual basis.

2. How much does it cost to play?
£4.00 for 40 minutes. However, it is possible to play for less time as you can pay in increments of £1.00 for 10 minutes, equally you can top up in increments of 10 minutes if the court has not been booked after you and there is nobody else waiting to play.

3. How do you book courts?
Online. As a member you will be given your unique log in details and then follow this link.

4. How much time do you get for one court booking?
40 minutes

5. What age does the Junior category go up to?
Juniors include all those in full time education. However, there is a reduced fee for under 13s.

6. Is it possible to have any coaching?
Yes. Once you are a member you can have coaching with Tania Baily (Tel no: TBC). Contact them direct to discuss your personal requirements.

7. How do I become a member of England Squash (formerly known as the SRA)?
If you are a member of Stamford Squash Club, you can get England Squash membership via the Club. Contact the Treasurer, Dave Spooner to arrange it for you.

8. I’ve lost my door swipe card – how do I get a replacement?
Please send a cheque for £5 (payable to Stamford Squash Club) to the Membership Secretary, Jai Nairn, 9 Melbourne Road, Stamford, PE9 1UD. Please include a stamped addressed envelope that you want it sending to and Jai will send you a replacement.