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Finals Night / 19 March 2012

2012 Finals Matches

The 2012 annual finals held at Stamford Squash Club saw the established senior players reap their due rewards, however this year saw the emergence of real talent from the Junior section. Bez Beresford played Simon Barker in the final of the Mens singles final, Simon who had fought his way through to the final beating some stiff opposition along the way, was in positive mood and relished the opportunity of playing the number one seed Bez. The first game was a flurry of activity and although seemingly close, Bez took it 9-0. Simon was in defiant mood and earned hard fought of points in the second game but again went down 9-5, at 2-0 going into the third it was always going to be difficult for Simon to come back against the existing Champion. So it proved to be Bez dominated the third game to take the Championship yet again 3-0.

Is there anybody who can take the title away from him, in the crowd was retired former 5 time champion Paul York , will he try to regain fitness and make a comeback to end Bez’s dominance.

The Vivian Cup Final a handicap competition provided an insight into the future of the Club, this handicap competition saw 16 year old Liam Barnard in his first club final against last years losing finalist and the experienced Mark Lavers. The question on spectators lips, would Mark Lavers experience and effective unorthodox game overcome the fitness and orthodox game of the Junior whom had overcome tricky opposition in the form of Andrew Hogan in the semi final. The first game was excitingly close with Lavers quickly overcoming the handicap ranking but Liam kept his cool, a hallmark of his game to take the first 15-14. Mark made a number of unforced errors in the second while Liam racked the points up to take the second 15-9, at 2-0 down Mark rallied, forcing Liam onto the back foot, it was his turn to make errors, Mark was getting into his stride rallying intelligently, Liam running and retrieving for all his worth could not cope with the Lavers power game, Mark taking the third 2-1, was this a repeat of last years final on the cards?, where Mark fought back from 2-0 down but narrowly missed the title. Liam recognised the danger in the fourth game moving Mark to all corners of the Court attempting to wear his senior opponent down, Mark resisted, Liam cut down on his errors to take the fourth game and title 15-9. 3-1 overall.

This years Ladies competition saw a strong set of entries including County junior Emma Barnard and fast improving Claire Rassell, however the final was between the hard working and determined Helen Gibbons against the favourite and previous winner Debbie Bowen. Debbie was determined to set her mark early on the game but Helen took the first three points rattling her opponent, Debbie was in no mood to relinquish her title and settled into her efficient game moving Helen to the back of the Court and then dropping to the front. This set the pattern for the rest of the match, Debbie taking the title 3-0.

The Joseph Cup an over 45’s tournament saw Simon Barker in his second final against Dave Spooner, could Simon make amends and take a winners medal, Dave on his day a match for Simons all action style, could not get his game gong and fleetingly showed glimpses of his ability, Simon winning 3-0.

The over 55’s saw a game between giants in more ways than one, Robert Miles versus Eamonn Treanor, these two tall opponents were perfectly matched, Roberts tactical nous against Eamonns fitness, this game served a real treat, both tenacious, determined not to give an inch. It was Robert who ground out a 3-1 win.

The over 60’s saw a game that truly belied the age group, Paul Green against the Septuagenarian Maurice Mosdell, with both opponents moving around the Court like 20 year olds this high octane final produced a lot of skill, with Paul rejuvenated by the Coaching of Dan Mcginn coming out the 3-1 winner.

The Copperstore trophy played on the day for members whom are not competing in finals, had a strong number of entries with members, Lawrence Ball, Simon Morris, Michael Nation, Jason Van, Claire Rassell, Alan Fitt to name but a few determined not to end the season without a trophy, Mark Smith proved victorious after a grueling two and a half hour Competition, promising junior Edward Nation took runner up in his first senior competition, thrilling all with his athleticism.

The Junior section run by Michael Nation also held its finals on the same day, this again providing a glimpse of the future, Edward Nation taking the title, Ward Scholten runner up and Hannah Yogasundaram being awarded the Junior player of the Year. Luke Scholten took the plaudits with a fine display against winner Edward Nation.

Trophies were presented by Club Secretary Iain Mcewen. Stamford Squash Club would like to thank the excellent service and support given by The Green Man Stamford throughout the 2011-2012 season.