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General / 22 January 2010

Refurbished Courts and Timings

Court 4 having been completely refurbished with new floor, re-plastered front wall and all walls painted, we now eagerly await the refurbishment of courts 2 and 3.

This is anticipated to be carried out this weekend by Wearwell, and is being financed out of club funds (court 4 being financed by the school).

In this instance, the floors will be sanded, rather than replaced, and the side and back walls painted, the front walls still being in very good condition.

This will give the club (and the schoolboys) four courts in top condition on which to play.

The floors and walls will now ‘play’ properly – ie the ball will be ‘gripped’ by the walls and floors and bounce properly instead of skidding.

Members can help keep the courts in good condition by:

Not wearing shoes which mark the floor (proper ‘court shoes’ should always be worn for safety in any case)

Not entering the courts with shoes which are carrying mud or grit from outside use

(If, on entering the court to play, the floor has been contaminated by previous users who have not observed the above guidance, before playing, SWEEP THE FLOOR using the bristle brush provided (not the blue fluffy one). Playing on the floor while it is covered in grit is dangerous and damages the floor further).

Not using dark protective tape on racket heads which marks the walls

By following the above guidance we’ll keep the courts in good playing condition for many years.


Following the school’s ruling that club members may not enter the courts during school hours (8.30 – 5.30), we changed the court timings so that all courts commenced at 5.40, to allow for changing time.

Some members have said that having all courts commencing at 5.40 creates jams in the changing rooms.

Has this been a problem for you? If you’d like the club committee to look again at court timings please let us know.