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Leagues / 8 November 2013

Comberton Game

Wednesday was home vs Comberton, with a team of smithy, Jon O, Barker, Moz and Robbo.

Robbo called me a 4 o clock , to say he couldn’t play, as he would play Tim Prior and it had absolutely nothing to do with the large amount of 6% brew in the Green Man til after 1 o clock the night before.

So into the breach, stepped me (Dave Spooner).

We were playing bottom of the league (played 4, got 3 points to date) so lets go for a 20 nil.

They turned up with their normal 1,2 and 3 of the season playing 3,4 and 5.

Hmm, looks like we could be under pressure.

Me and Moz went on first, showing the others how it should be done, both winning in 3 zip, so keeping us on for the 20 nil we need to try and keep pace with Hunts

Next on was Si Barker playing Jason Lane, the old number 1 from (I think) Leys. First game easily to Jason, so Simon under pressure. He steps the pace up, playing some great squash and closes out the game 3-1. His opponent was bright red for the rest of the night, so he
obviously tried!

Down to the 2 and 1 strings. JO went on against the diamond merchant who also doubles as a novelist Alistair Maclean. JO all over him cruising 8 -2 up in the first. Loses his way ay ends up 15-11 loser of the first. Same again in the second. Going the same in the third, and at 12 all, it looks well iffy, but then Jo starts to run a bit. Closed it out! Is there a chink of light. Fourth went Jo’s way pretty easily, so a decider. Talk about getting your money’s worth out of the subs (wait til you hear Smithy’s).

The last was nip and tuck all the way, with some great retrieving for both sides. I’, sure Alistair won’t mind me saying, but he will be gutted that at 15-14 up, match point and got JO all over the place, hit the ball anywhere on the court and he’s won. The gentleman that he is though, hit it straight to JO, who eon the point and closed it out 17-15.

On the other court Smithy the old man (as he kept telling us) was playing a new boy. This started exactly as JO’s with Smithy going two zip down. Both players trying to assert their authority by not moving off the tee, or anyhow. Smithy’s opponent started rubbing his gluteous maximus from the third, after a quick break in the changing rooms with Smithy. Whatever happened Smithy’s superior fitness told and the 15-12 scoreline in the last was well received by all the crowd. Finished at 10.06, and the gate was still unlocked.

The Green Man was the next point of call, with fish, all day breakfast pie and beefsteak n the menu. Barker and Smithy cajoled JO into giving them his meal, we tried manfully to break the record bar bill, set the night before, but couldn’t get anywhere near the £133 Nova’s team set (with Robbo!)