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Leagues / 3 October 2013

First Game of the Season

First game of the season last night.

First on at 3 and 4 respectively were Simon Barker, playing his grandson, and Simon Morris playing his dad.

So a shoe in for a 100% percent record. And they did not disappoint, both of them losing! Simon M 3 nil to a bloke he beat at a canter twice last year, and Barker being outmuscled by a 10 year old (well he looked about ten) 3 to 2.

Oh dear, what a start. Next on was Partie playing at 2 against Simon Barker’s opponents dad, aka Doc. No mug, but Partie despatched him with aplomb in straight sets, as did Bez against their number one after. So 2 each.

Old biffa here at 5 playing their captain Mike Ford, who both me and Robbo beat to about five points last year. A bit different now. He’s lost a stone, runs and hits a length, oh and I played like a dick. However, scraped a three one win, to close out the match, so final score 16 to 7.

Off to the bar for lasagne, beer, and the obvious port with cheese and biscuits.

It transpires that this league might be a bit stronger this year, with Hunts one being confirmed as Powley, Griggs, the number one from their other team who didn’t lose last year, Mitchley at 4, and Nick Armitage at 5, who played at 3 last year for Leys but can’t get in the team because they have amalgamated their two teams and put all the best in Leys 1, to try and go up this year.

Also Fenland no mugs with Dave Grant, Andy Short, Tim Dean, Paul Kynoch and Andy Prendergast (who also beat Simon B in summer league(he’s on a roll!!)!

Onto next week then week after. St Ivo at home next Wed, then Fenland home week after. Who can play. Please drop me a mail asap so can sort out. We have a spare court so even if 7 of us, we can all get a game etc. Come on Stamford!

PS Don’t tell Rob V but next week should be relatively easy so he might even win at number 2, (shh, remember don’t tell him!!)