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Leagues / 1 November 2013

Leys Squash Club vs Stamford


Time: 7.15pm

Ambient Temperature: 13 degrees


Leys Squash & Club, Cambridge

First up was emergency back-up, Robinson, and the oldest member of this tight-knit team. His opponent, Steve Somebody being a good foot taller and ten years senior looked the more composed of the two. A scrappy affair that Robinson eventually finished the victor.
Score: (3-1)

Playing on the other available court was No.4 Rubber Si Morris against another big boy, Neil Somebody. Mr Morris,sporting new illuminous orange pumps, which made for an excellent distraction for his opponent, in his usual inimitable style stretched the match over five games to a good hour and like Robinson, eventually stepped out the winner. Score: (3-2)

Simon B played another Simon which for the mass of travelling supporters made for some confusion. Barker’s opponent was at least of similar height and build this week. The two were well matched in skills and tiredness, but unfortunately Barker was the on the receiving end of Simon Somebody’s stamina. Score: (2-3)

Jonathan played at number 2 string against a very fit and on-form opponent Rob Somebody. Rob led by two games before Jonathan, utilising his less-restrictive shorts and match dexterity, gradually turned his opponent, forcing many errors. Great example of match experience and determination. Score: (3-2)

Smith, had forgotten what it felt like to lead such a quality team into the breach, and the honour that this held left him speechless (for once). Bertie Somebody had excellent reach for a seven-footer but his flexibility was limited which Smith took full advantage of. Though carrying a couple of injuries Smith was a brave little trooper and his focus was admirable, except for a momentary lapse in the final game when he paused his consummate racquet control to bend over and emit a loud belch…unfortunately for the crowd the odour was distinctly bleachy and everyone’s conclusion was inevitable…*****. Score: (3-0)

Fine food served, excellent beer flowed and some conversation held amongst the student quiz night throng. Smith even experienced a student release in the toilets…hope it was worth the wait Mark!

Journey (courtesy of Snap-on…thanks Si) was eventful…and Mr Oakley even proposed organising a sport pentathlon…with the help of his assistant Miss Julie!
Watch his space.

We were even home before 12.15am… a good result all round. Thanks team and stand-in captain Mr Morris.