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Leagues / 17 October 2011

Peterborough & District Squash League – Match report

Peterborough & District Squash League
Division One
Stamford l v Abbotsley l
Monday 17th October 2011.
Team:  Spencer Beresford; Simon Barker; Jon Oakley; Dave Robinson; Simon Morris

Squashed, Stuffed & Simons.

All squashed up even before we arrived, the team’s transport for this fixture being a decidedly small car.
As we tumbled out of the miniscule vehicle at the Abbotsley club it took a while for the circulation in our legs to kick in. When it did Mr Morris was the first on court against Tony Barker, the veteran of the Abbotsley team but still fast and accurate. Although Simon actually lost, he was the closest in the team to getting a game from the opponents! (0-3).

Up next was Bez, as his opponent wished to make an early exit the number one entered the arena early. Chris Reeve hit some fast unbelievable volley shots, making Bez seem slightly out of sorts but he still took the game to Chris creating some great entertaining rallies. (0-3).

Our third on the night Simon, took to the court against Mark Emery, although, attacking, Barker was kept away from the ball by his talented opponent. The Abbotsley number two giving Simon just three points in the whole match was an indicator of just how strong this team was. (0-3).

The number four Robinson, after seeing his comrades be beaten went on court with totally the wrong attitude knowing the match was technically over. His six points in total were hard earned from Matt Nankaville but twenty-one short of a win. (0-3)

Oakley, stepped onto the court with the correct attitude regardless of his associates’ losses, nearly managing to take a game off opponent Simon ‘Sparky’ Scott.(0-3)

As we squashed back into the vehicle for the return journey we all felt well and truly stuffed, although the team were still bravely upbeat knowing we had all learnt a lesson that would strengthen the team.