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Tours / 15 October 2003

Dublin Tour 10-12 October 2003

Eleven members representing the Club were Lawrence Ball, Richard Barker, Ferlin Barnard, Martin Brewin, Adrian Chappell, Kim Cozens, Mark Davis, Jon Oakley, Tim Prior, Mark Smith and Paul York. At the airport there were already complaints from Yorkie who was worried that he was going to be sharing a room with somebody who snored!

Friendly banter continued and when reaching the hotel in the evening- it was a quick turn around to go out and appreciate the culture of Dublin. Now is it me or is there more to Dublin than Guiness?

Having enjoyed the previous evening it was time to face reality and play some squash. We were fortunate to be playing about midday so we had time to recover warm up and prepare for the match.

We were playing Mount Pleasant and some good matches were had by all – though unfortunately due to the delay of this report not many more details can be remembered. So, if any of the tour members remained sober enough to remember the details feel free to enlighten us!!

The evening was most enjoyable starting off in a Thai restaurant then moving on to the bars and then heading home by either foot or for the lucky few, horse and cart!

The following day we were playing at Sutton Lawn Tennis Club. However, Jonathan Oakley seemed to be delaying matters by always being on the mobile phone – not only that but he had two, one on each ear – photos don’t lie!   Also notice how his instinct is to go and stand near a phone box!!

Eventually we were off and arrived at the squash courts feeling fit and ready to go. Again some good matches were seen but alas no details remain of the scores! After the match it was time to recover and order the taxis to head back to Dublin airport and head back home.

Outside the hotel, (left to right) Richard, Mark Smith, Martin, Kim, Lawrence, Mark Davis, Adrian and Ferlin

Well done to Ferlin for putting a lot of effort into organising the tour. The question everyone is asking now is when is the next one!

Finally I leave you with pictures showing the evolution regression of man!!

…and for the fuller pictures see below.