Tania Bailey / 29 September 2011

Update on Tania Bailey

Tania has had a tought time with her knee in recent months but was back in action last week.  Unfortunately she had a sinus infection so lost 3-0, the below was from her website (  Edit: no longer available).

I lost 3.0 against Joey Chan, unfortunately I felt terrible on court due to a sinus infection. I had it last week but felt better when I came here but it got worse again after I arrived.

It is extremely disappointing as I have worked so hard over the last 8 months to get my knee strong and I was looking forward to playing here. My knee is really good and I have been playing well and feeling good in practice.

I am trying to stay positive though and I know this infection will be cleared soon and I will be back on court. The main thing is that my knee is fine which is the most important thing.

She’s back in action next month in Doha, Qatar though as she fallen down the rankings she has to play qualifiying matches.

Good luck!